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Looking for zone 5b suggestions

Hello everyone,
I have recently moved from NJ to Maine and am looking to set-up a good fruit crop.
I am mostly interested in the following:
1. High bush blueberries
2. Strawberries
3. Raspberries
4. Blackberries
5. Apple trees
6. Pear trees
7. Plum trees

What I am looking for is some advice on what varieties will do best in this area as well as where I can purchase some good plants.
I am about 20 miles away from Bangor Maine in zone 5B.

Thank you,

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Re: Looking for suggestions

I'd shop at the most northern nurseries you are comfortable with.

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Re: Looking for zone 5b suggestions

I have no experience with blueberries not blackberries, though the other things on your list should do OK there. The one main thing with fruit trees is the Low temps you may receive during winter. Some trees like Peach are not so hardy as apples and plums. I do have peaches here though and we often get temps to minus ten. I was not successful with the first peaches I tried. They were not winter hardy. Finally I found a peach tree growing in the area and begged for a bit of fruit from it and grew my own from the seed. These have proven hardy here. Zone 5/4

Like Apricots? Apricots can be hardy. A little like the peach though. I had to do the same thing with the pits and grow my own from a local tree to get a hardy one.

The thing about growing from a pit, the fruit is not likely to be quite as large and beautiful as the cloned varieties, but it will be tasty and if the tree is hardy who cares?

I would look around and talk to local growers and see what is making in in your climate then you will be better prepared to make choices that will succeed. Good luck.

PS, if you decide to grow from a seed, plant the seed in the fall. It takes overwintering in the ground to get them to germinate.

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