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Golden Raspberry

I'm thinking of getting some Golden Raspberry bushes, because we really like them when they sell them at the market, and because they are hard to find there.

After some searching the Variety I came most often across was called "Fall Gold". Does anyone know if that's the kind usually sold at markets?



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Re: Golden Raspberry

I don't know what is the cultivar sold at markets, but in terms of trend in typical nursery catalogs -- and this is just from the ones I've been getting over the last decade or so -- Fall Gold was the most common a while back, then I bought a cultivar that came out called Kiwi Gold. Recently the most common yellow/gold raspberry I see in catalogs in Anne Yellow.

Now my Kiwi Gold thrived for the first two years but have not been doing well. It is prone to grey mold. I don't know if I didn't plant them in the right area or have not been caring for them as well as I should (two summers ago my entire garden was neglected). I have a plan for new (larger) raspberry patch and am thinking of getting Anne Yellow and a Red cultivar.

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