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Considering adding these trees


well I am considering adding a few potted trees to my garden this year. Will start with smaller pots and work my way up to 15 gallons.

The ones I am considering are:

Dwarf Cavenish Banana
'Day' Avocado
Dwarf Everbearing Mulberry
Miracle Fruit

Issues I am having is that I don't know if I could keep miracle fruit outdoors year round. It would be a inconvenience having to bring it indoors. I also hear to never let its soil dry, this can be a challenge for me in the summer. Additionally I heard it is sensitive to things like chlorine in the water so I'd have to have some water set aside to age. So with all these issues I am not sure I wanna go through with it.

Of the remaining I hear the mulberry is probably the most hardy and likely to fruit right away and consistently. But I like Bananas and Avocados, and being that they are on the smaller side I wanna give them a shot. Does anyone got any general info on bananas and avocados? Basically like what type of potting soil to use and fertilizing regimen?

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Applestar has the banana and avocado, so try asking Applestar.

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