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Raspberry Help Needed ASAP

About two weeks ago I transplanted some canes of Raspberries from my Mothers family farm in Maine to my house in NJ. I know that it is not the right time to do this but with a little care they seem to be budding and I thought all was going to be okay. This A.M. I went out to do my garden tour and noticed saw dust underneath two of the canes (I only have four). A little bug jumped out of the top of the cane but i did not get a good look at it. They are hollowing out the tops of the canes and have dug down several inches. I proceeded to get a piece of pipe cleaner and welding wire and tried to see if I could squash the offending insect. What else can I do? These are very sentimental plants and it would mean a lot to my Mother if I can get these to grow. Any help/ advice would be greatly appreciated!


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Re: Raspberry Help Needed ASAP

Diatamaciouse earth might help keep them down and away while your kanes establish. That said typically I would have propagated a bunch on pots to get them nice and strong before transplanting them into the ground.

You will have to re-apply dt after rain or at regular intervals.

Good luck

If you can identify the type of insect that would help diagnose the issue better.

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Re: Raspberry Help Needed ASAP

Two possible culprits...Raspberry Cane Midge or Raspberry Beetle.
The latter lays its eggs on the fruit and the little grubs eat the fruit as it ripens.
The midge causes lesions to develop on the cane itself and can cause serious die-back in bad infestations.
Afraid that they can be tricky to control with ' clean ' products as they are very hard to get at. There are several chemical controls available.
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