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What is your favorite Fruit?

My favorite Fruit is Apple. I like to eat it after lunch it is very good for my precious health. It's make me healthy and strong, Some one saying "An apple a day keeps the doctor away".

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Re: What is your favorite Fruit?

Tomato!!! During the growing season we eat the equivalent of about 4 medium sized tomatoes per day, not counting any that are turned into sauces and not counting the green tomato casserole that we have once or twice per week. During the winter, we still keep a constant supply of grape tomatoes to serve as sides with our meals.

As far as the kind of fruit that you probably refer, it is pretty difficult to select a favorite as each is so very different from the other. We eat apples year round, but mostly from fall to late spring. In the spring we switch to home grown fruits: strawberries, raspberries, and blue berries, in that order. We dearly love the locally grown tree ripened peaches June through late August. The wife makes pies, cobblers, and crisps from apples, peaches, and berries. They are so yummy with vanilla ice cream. Mid to late summer we enjoy our home grown pears and several varieties of home grown figs. During the fall, we always start craving the new crop of oranges and tangerines from Florida. Those rank high on the list as well. Probably there is no favorite however, we just love all kinds of fruit.

This year we started making smoothies, which are quick and low calories. They are creamy and delicious! My recipe is 4 ounce skim milk, 1/2 cup Greek yogurt, 1-2 TBS raw local honey, 1.5-2 TBS granulated sugar, 1 Tsp good quality vanilla extract, 1 cup seasonal fruit. Top off with crushed ice in the blender and blend at high speed until rich and creamy. About 160-180 calories for 14-16 ounces. The recipe makes about two servings. Depending upon taste, one could cut the calories by leaving off some of the honey and sugar.
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Re: What is your favorite Fruit?

As I got my first crop of them this year, Black Raspberries!!!!

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Re: What is your favorite Fruit?

Not sure I can say I have a favorite fruit. It's hard to beat home grown tree ripe fruit. No comparison to unripe shipped across the country / world.


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Re: What is your favorite Fruit?

peaches and blackberries
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Re: What is your favorite Fruit?

My favorite fruit is wine. After the pomegranate juice ferments and ages from 1 year.

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Re: What is your favorite Fruit?

Have to agree with Double Dog....there is nothing better than fruit fully ripened on the tree, picked fresh and eaten straight away.//MMmmmmmm.
An apple a day.....keeps me in work.

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Re: What is your favorite Fruit?

Oh my gosh it really depends. It depends how fresh I can get it and what kind of mood I'm in. I LOVE a fresh mango - but it can't be over-ripe. I like my mangoes a bit on the yellow/firm side. I also LOVE a fresh, warm, juicy pineapple. Avocados are also one of my favorites. I will eat them sliced in half straight from the skin sprinkled with salt. I also could eat my weight in cherries and strawberries. Then there's some "strange" fruit that I like that I don't get regularly - the lychee and lychee-like fruits. And I LOVE pears. I would say those are my FAVORITES.

I eat a lot of oranges (one a day - but not my favorite), raspberries....I like apples but don't LOVE them. Blueberries are something I am learning to like. And figs - never ate a lot of those but the house came with a fig tree so I am learning to like those.

Oh a FAVORITE treat of mine - freezing little sweet grapes - it's a yummy natural, healthy popsicle. :)

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Re: What is your favorite Fruit?

Raspberries are my favorite. The kids aren't allowed to touch my bushes LOL
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Re: What is your favorite Fruit?

Definitely plums and cherries. I look forward to them most each season!

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Re: What is your favorite Fruit?

Too many fruit to pick one. Avocado, papaya, strawberries, passion fruit, pineapple, tangelo, figs, plums, mango, banans, and lychee.

I also have to qualify it a bit, all of these fruits are great especially when they are fresh and ripe, but if you have them everyday, it is only great for about three weeks. Then, it is like, jam, freeze. or give it away.

A couple of months after the season is over and all you have is preserved fruit, that's when you really crave the fresh ones.
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Re: What is your favorite Fruit?

ice cold ripe sweet watermellon served with chunks of good Greek feta cheese

I also like a ripe juicy mango
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