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A zillion rasperries & too many weeds...what to do?

Ok, I live in an area that used to be all farm land. Once it was sold by the wheat farmer, it was neglected until morning glory, clover and all sorts of other weeds (that reached well over 5' tall) moved in. They moved in and reproduced in insane quantities. I have since sodded, and those suckers on occation will still persist through the grass, and even kill it in some areas. Especially the morning glory and clove. I buy weed killer at IFA, but it isn't strong enough. The only thing I have found that works is KillzAll...but if I use it near my berries, they will get killed too.

My trouble...I'm so sick of weeding that it's killing me. I have about 200 sq feet of raspberries and 150 sq ft of blackberries that are always caught in the cross fire. They are chronically suffering. I have them in a section of the back yard where I did not lay sod, however my they are all in 10' rows (5' wide each row). In between each row is sod. Yes, BAD idea! My blackberries are now re-rooting into the sod so i can't mow easily, and my raspberries are still being choked out by morning glory and clove, which is coming up through the freaking sod and walking right over the border that seperates the lawn from the berries! The sod has been here 3 years, but nothing stops these darn weeds!

Ok, this is getting way too long. What do I do? I need to get rid of these weeds!

~Should I rip out the grass in between the rows and allow the berries to grow anywhere and everywhere in the almost 1000 sq ft section?

~Is there something I can spray that will actually get rid of the clover and morning glory (and some of those other 5' tall ones that yield yellow flowers).

~Would it be better to get new dirt trucked in and begin planters (maybe dirt that doesn't have such a weed infested history)?

I'm so sick of weeding, and honestly don't have that much time for it. I made a strawberry planter box last year and trucked in new dirt for that, and that box is doign GREAT. Hardly ever weeds and ample fruit. But I'm afraid that the raspberries and blackberries won't do well in a planter...what do you think??? :shock:


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