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Looks like I'll have some pear harvest this year

I have an espalier fence row of two apple trees (Pristine and Akansas Black), two pear trees (Magness and Seckel), and a persimmon (Prok).
The apples have been producing for three(?) years now, but the Magness pear tree planted the same year as the apples and the Seckel planted the year after to help pollinate the first had not fruited yet, though Magness has been blooming. I thought it was because Seckel is still not blooming.

But this morning, when I finally got around to pruning watersprouts and re-training the espalier, I realized tht Magness is fruiting! :() I didn't think Seckel bloomed again this year... Or if it did, there were only a few blossoms, and my neighbor's large Bradford pear that I was counting on was chopped down due to storm damage, so I'm not sure where the pollen came from :? but ....yay! :-()

Prok is full of buds. Last year, there were only a few (maybe a dozen) buds and none of them set fruit though Prok is supposed to be self pollinating. I hope they do better this year. 8)

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YAY!! Somehow it has been a good year for it, despite all the extended cold. I think we had lots of late cold, but no real killing freeze. I don't have fruit trees (unless you count pawpaw :) ) , but at my Quaker Meeting 5 blocks away, pear, peach, and apricot trees all have lots of fruit on them. The apricot tree particularly seems to be at the northern end of its range. It blooms a little too early for us and most years the blooms get wiped out by a late frost. This year it is covered in fruit.

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