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meyer lemon tree - flowered, but no fruit

I bought a Meyer lemon via mail order this past winter. It has done very well, lots of fresh growth almost right away and then plenty of blossoms. The blossoms naturally faded and fell off about 2 months ago, but I see no signs of any fruit. I would think I would see signs of fruit beginning to form in this time frame. I have just recently moved it outside in a sunny, but sheltered spot and it is of course in a pot here in Zone 5 so that I can bring it in come winter. The tree is healthy, no signs of any deficiencies. It did start with some spider mites initially for which I just washed the plant and they did not recur. It bloomed after that. Any ideas?

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There is a possibility the tree may be too young for fruit to develop. It can take a few years. Because lemon trees grow best in zones 9-10 you may want to be sure it is in a warm sunny spot in your garden. As long as you are not in a desert area you lemon tree will prefer full sun. Also be sure you water frequently and your soil is well drained. Other than that I am guessing you just have a young tree and may have to wait a year or two.

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Hand Pollination is my suggestion. I have a couple Improved Meyer lemons and I keep them indoors (no insect pollination). I pollinate each blossom by hand with tweezers.

To do this pluck a stamen (the male part of the flower - yellow things off the side of the pistol covered with pollen) and take it to a pistol of another flower and dab on the pollen. Do this with a new stamen for each flower's pistol. It will self-pollinate (fertilize self), but if you have two plants it's probably not a bad idea to cross pollinate.

I've had some quick success with this method. Good Luck!

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I would say that it is a bit young/small at this time. Also reading the post I guess that it was indoors when it flowered? So there would be little chance of anything pollinating it.

Combination of both previous suggestions seems best. Let it develop more into a bigger plant and either hand pollinate a few or leave it outside for insects to do their thing.

Patience is going to be the way to go.

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