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Raspberry plants without berries?

Hi, a question about raspberries: When we moved into our house about 5 years ago, there were what I thought were some raspberry vines in the backyard, close to the woods our yard backs to. So, we have left them in the yard, thinking it would be nice to have raspberries, but they have never grown any berries. They are starting to take over that part of the yard, and I'm thinking of digging them up and getting rid of them. I checked the leaves of these plants against some leaves of confirmed raspberry plants that grow wild in the woods by our house, and they look identical. Are there such things as raspberry plants that never or rarely yeild berries, or is there a weed that is a look-alike to raspberry plants?

Thanks for any information you can provide!

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In my little yard they grow in mostly shade and still try to take over! I've found that purning or pulling the oldest canes seem to yield the best results. The younger canes produce the biggest/best fruit, and thin them ruthlessly. After all, their thorns are ruthless--time for payback! Black raspberries, blackberries, boysenberries, all look the same and the culture is similar. Mine were volunteers, but I look forward to Fourth of July blackberries and ice cream. I used to get Mulberries from the neighbour's tree, but they cut that down and put in a garage. :( However, the runoff from the garage keeps the border of ferns/hosta/grape holly and blackberries very happy and cuts down on my water bill! By the time you read this any fruit would already be setting, but you can go at them now for next year, without hurting them (you, on the other hand will probably be smarting from the thorns!). So, prune out or pull up the old, dark canes, thin the new ones ruthlessly and maybe next year you'll be pigging out on berries, if the critters don't get them first! Timing is critical.

Happy Gardening.

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Raspberry plants need to be a full 1 year old before they can produce berries. The highest berry production is in their 2nd year. Plants older than 2 years will not produce as many berries.

Before you weed the plants, check and see if they have thorns. If they do not have thorns, it could be poison ivy. The roots of poison ivy are particularly poisonous. When you weed them, wear long pants, a long-sleeve shirt, and gloves to protect as much skin as possible so that you don't accidentally touch the roots. If you touch the roots by accident, wash with dishwashing liquid asap to get the poisonous oil off your skin.

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