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Best fertilizer for Pomegranate, Fig, Straws and Goji Berry


What is the best fertilizer for Figs, Strawberries, Pomegranate, and Goji Berry? What is the best application, liquid or granular? Also, what is a good fertilizing schedule? Thanks

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Alaska* brand fertilizers makes a pretty decent liquid fert. Made out of fish emulsion. Smells like junk but works good.Actually think it is junk but hey, they make a growth and bloom version. Could also try out some worm casting tea I hear its bomb. Been wanting too try it for a while.

Other than that I'm kind of novice myself on the ferts. Good schedule would be fert like once-twice a month, and give them maybe 2-3 good waterings before you fert again, just too keep the plants system flushed.

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Fish emulsion is good (though stinky) stuff. I can't use it though, because I have indoor cats and outdoor cats and raccoons , etc. It drives critters like that crazy and they dig up all my plants, looking for the fish.

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You really only need to fertilize your figs once a year if they are in the ground. Fertilizing them too much can keep them from making fruit or even kill them if it is being applied super frequently.
Mine are potted, because it is watered more often and the nutrients are flushed out I fertilize them three times a year. One in the spring with the fish emulsion (Alaska brand, as recommended above) and then at the beginning and end of the summer with the (Alaska) blooming fert and fish emulsion, respectively. Both are liquid and water soluble.
They have gotten bigger and stronger every year with lots of beautiful green leaves, but little fruit. Figs have a very long juvenile period, so you just have to wait it out until the fruit comes, in zone 9 that could be 4-6 years, depending on how severe the summer is. When the trees were immature I only gave them fish emulsion because they tend not to set fruit at all the first three years and then the fruit doesn't ripen the next year or so either because the tree is vegging too much to send it's energy into blooming and ripening.
After my first edible harvest (5 years) they have set fruit reliably, increasing the yield a little each year.

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I stopped using Alaska fish emulsion- since its heat treated.

Its OK, but Neptune Harvest fish and kelp is better IMO!! The fish and kelp is cold hydrolized which keeps all the good stuff( vitamins, enzymes. amino acids)-macro & micro nutrients . PLus , it doesn't stink

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