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What to do with my new grape & hardy Kiwi vines

Hello everyone,

I ordered 4 grape vines and 2 arctic Kiwi vines from Ison's a while back. They arrived in good shape yesterday, but it's the beginning of the winter and I'm not sure what to do with them. They are bare root plants. My choices are

1. Plant them outside now (I'm in GA, zone 7b) Will the cold hurt them?
2. Pot them and store them in my well house. They would stay dormant and I've overwintered plants that I started there before. It's unheated, but made of brick and insullated.
3. Pot them and put them inside. Inside stays around 72. I don't think they would stay dormant inside.

Which should I do? Is there somethign else I should consider?

Thanks in advance,

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plant them outside now. mulch well. the cold won't hurt 'em.

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Outside - do povide a very sturdy structure for your plants to vine up on.

Good luck

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