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Pruning question for a damaged olive tree


New to this forum but I did some searching and could not find specific answers to my question.

I have 2 olive trees (frantoio and leccino) growing in containers. They are both about 6' tall and look very healthy. Lots of new growth. Late summer last year a branch from one of my oak trees fell and hit one of them. One of the main lateral branches was broken off at the trunk. This was actually half of the tree because there is only one other lateral branch. (think of a Y shape with one of the branches removed) A small 1/4 inch stub is all that remains of half of the tree. The trees were then moved indoors for the winter.

I did nothing to the tree because I was not sure how it would respond. Last week I moved the trees back outdoors for the summer. (I live in zone 7a) The tree has not sprouted anything to try to recenter itself so I took the remaining fork and staked it vertically to try to restore some symmetry/balance. It still looks healthy but I am not sure whether this is a good way to try to fix it.

Any ideas? I can post a picture if it will help.

Thanks in advance,

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