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Pear and Pecan Tree Location

I have grown about a dozen pear trees from an old farm tree. The plants are looking pretty good (about 2 feet tall in 3 gallon pots). I want to put them out at some farmland this winter, along with 4 or 5 pecan trees.

The area is an old hay field, which was just cut, and I will now use a portion of it for trees--these plus some sawtooth oaks. My question has to do with placement. It is what I would call small rolling hills. Most of land is furtile, having been limed and fertilized over the years. Would the pears or the pecans most benefit from the lower portions (valleys) which will be a bit richer soil and better moisture?

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Hi Lakngulf.
I haven't replied before as I thought that there may be someone who knew your area better.
However as there has been no goes my two-penneth.

Firstly how much of a difference is there between the high and the low of this field?
Secondly you get spring frosts.

If you do get frosts sometimes in the spring then they would be best planted on the highest points as frost will always find the lowest pockets to settle in.
As regards the soil quality. The nut trees will grow faster than the pears on average so I would suggest they could be planted on the poorer soils.
There are only a couple or so root stocks used on pears and although they are not as successful as apple stocks , they are still quite good at growth control.
So if you are frost free then use the better soil areas....if you are prone to spring frosts then plant as high as possable.

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