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Think I Messed My Strawberries Up!!

Hey All,

I got some strawberries for the first time two days ago, and planted them in a strawberry pot yesterday morning. I knew you were supposed to soak the terra cotta pot, but I forgot... This morning, I went to check on them and the soil was complete bone dry, and all my strawberry leaves were drooped over badly. I soaked them with water, sprayed the terra cotta for a while and will do so again later today. Will they be OK? The setup that I did was this:

Terra cotta pot,
inch of compost + blood meal on bottom,
potting mix with bone meal mixed into backfill

I hope that will work out OK!

I can get a picture if that will help!

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Tough for them especially if you had not moistened the potting mix first, but unless the plants where dried out completely, they should be OK. It would be best to keep them in shade or filtered sun until they recover from the transplant shock. If the container is too heavy to move, rig a cloth shade over them or put up an umbrella.

We just had a discussion about how difficult it is to keep a strawberry jar of strawberries watered. I hope you have some success.
Here is the thread:

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