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Growing Oranges

Hello, I have a few questions. :D
first, are there any links that go in detail or books I can look into on growing citrus plants (oranges, lemons, limes).
and also, I have a small lime tree that is dropping leaves and turning yellow (crusty) and is not growing much. It has been in the house throughout the whole winter. What could be the problem?
And lastly I am looking onto growing orange cirtus in the house, is there a special type that does good indoors (with a fairly medium fruit)?

Thanks in advance

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There is many oranges to chose and I if you live in Cal. or Florida there is many to choose from but most sold I the northern states and Canada are grafted onto F.D. rootstock which is dwarfing so it won't get very big. The only common ones outside of the southern states are washington navel but you can order from nursery from Cal. and get some different kinds I am going to recomend you post questions about citrus at the following forum(they have helped me a lot)


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