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Two years in a row for my nectarine tree!!!

I did everything I was supposed to do to keep this from happening!! This is my 3rd year with the tree and last year I lost all the leaves and all 8 nectarines that it had. This year it was finally set to have a big harvest and it looks like I will lose them all again!

If I do I'm cutting it down and planting an apple tree!!


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Hi Ruggr.

As you say Peach Curl is a blasted nuisance.
There are a couple of ways to help beat it though.
If your tree is small enough then rain protection in the spring as it breaks into bud will help enormously. I know that if the tree is getting large then this may not be practical so....

If you can without completely de-foliating you tree , pick of infected leaves and burn. Rake up fallen leaves and burn.

In the autumn spray at leaf fall with Bordeaux Mixture. ( It's a Copper Sulphate mixture).
Repeat with a couple of sprays as the buds swell in February just as they are breaking.
This should help a great deal.

As I first said though....if you can keep your tree dry in the first few weeks of growing in the spring, you will find that the infection is hugely reduced.
An apple a day.....keeps me in work.

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UGH. so THIS is what my peach tree has. the leaves are starting to fall off today. :( and Ithought it looked like peach leaf curl. I get every disease in the book at my house. worst place to live apparently! :( so frustrated.
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