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What's killing our fruit trees?

For many years my wife and I have tried growing citrus and apples, and the same thing always happens:

They start out nice and green and in about 3 months the leaves are ripped up and yellowish and start to fall.

We do have strong winds in the area as well as wild rabbits which inhabit the yard (could the rabbits be eating the roots?) Or is it the soil? drainage? We can't figure it out.

We were told not to water too much, so we hand-water about once a week, or just check to see when the soil is drying out. We fertilized quarterly at first, we put in good soil to begin with ...

Our best guess is that strong winds or poor soil is the culprit. We've tried many times. Ready to give up on fruit trees altogether.

Any suggestions?

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Are deer rubbing on them?

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I don't know where you live Applesofgold but are you fairly near the sea?
The effect you are getting is very much like something that we get if we have any gales that have traveled up from the coast.
Salt damage can defoliate a fruit tree quite severly.
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fruit tree watering

Hello, They need to be watered in every day or every other day depending on the time of year and temp. When you purchase nursery trees the plants are grown in a light growing medium that allows fast water passage and until the roots can expand out into the native soil the plants will need to be watered in daily. You will also need to create a dam around the tree so water can collect and filter down to the roots instead of running off.

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