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citrus leaf miner

I have the citus leaf minser on my lemon tree.Is this dangerous for my vegetable plants?
I have tomatoes,peppers,basil close by.

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Yes, this is an opportunistic predator that can be a pain. I would spray the tree with a soapy water solution and plant some companion flowers around the tree that will attract some beneficial insects that will hopefully eat this leaf miner. Check out the beneficial insects thread in the organic forum to get an idea of what sorts of flowers to plant to attract different insects.

I do know that you live in a tropical area so you will probably have different insect fauna that we do here but, some of the information in that thread may still be useful. Keep in mind that you want to plant flowers with a high concentration of nectar to attract beneficial insects.

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Gini, citrus leaf miner can be controlled biologically or with horticultural oil. Neem oil would be a good one to use. Using both methods would be even better. :)


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That is the culprit that attacked my citrus trees. I've applied Organicide since I could not find Neem Oil. Is it as effective?

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