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Cherry Trees

We have two cherry trees (red fruit bearing ) in our back yard that are about 7 years old. They have been pruned as needed and are looking very healthy. For the last two years shortly after the cherries have ripened and the birds have picked them clean the leaves begin to yellow and fall. By early August the tress is bare. There is nothing visable on the leaves, trunk or branches that would indicate the tree is diseased.
Any idea why these trees are losing their leaves so soon?
I should add that they are right on the edge of a swail so I don't think they are stressed from lack of moisture. We also had twice the normal amount of rain this year (~72")


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Hi Jack.

Re your cherry tree.
It is rather early for cherries to lose their leaves...but some vars do shed soon after fruiting.
Providing the tree itself looks healthy and continues to fruit well I would not worry too much.
Vagrances in the weather can also produce unusual effects as also Bacterial canker infection could make the tree de-foliate, but if there is no sign of die back on the structure then it is unlikely to be that.

Good luck.


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