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Need Chestnut Tree Advice

My replacement nut trees arrived yesterday (first order all died). When I went to plant them today I discovered the company included a couple chestnut trees in the package. I visited the web site but a search came up with nothing, so I am guessing they no longer want to sell the trees. I live in SW Texas, zone 8. My land is very rocky with a little soil around the rocks. Summer’s reach 100+/winter’s an occasional freeze. I know nothing about the conditions chestnuts require. Can someone enlighten me as to whether or not chestnuts have a chance here and what they require?

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Chestnuts home range was a fair bit north of you. Its another deeply taprooted tree. At maturity its a honkin' big tree.

I'd plant 'em seeing as you already have some. Needs standard sized pecan spacing (40' on center).

Suplimental watering during drouth will be where the rubber hits the road, more than chilliing hours.

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