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Pruning a fig tree...

Hello all,

I have a fig tree that is approximately 4 ft. tall. It has a main trunk and the leaves stem off the trunk. My question is: How can I have it grow where it has multiple trunks? (more like a bush rather than a stick)
Do I have to prune it a certain way when dormant or will it naturally grow like a bush?

Thanks, appreciate it.

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My Desert King fig has winter die back every year. So my pruning consist cutting out the dead wood. Last winter I lost between 3 and 4 feet in height. This keeps the fig compact and bushy.

This variety also puts out half dozen sucker / low branches every year.

Fig is on the south side of the duck house.


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The most best advise I can give in this small space it to read the following two articles, I think they should answer your questions.
If you look for additional articles on the web look for the ones from botanical gardens and coopertative extension sites (ie with hort and or edu in the address)

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Pruning figs

The most important difference between how to prune other fruit trees and figs is that some figs will bear fruit on new wood and some will only bear on old wood. The figs that will bear on new wood can be pruned severely every year. The others can be pruned severely, but do not expect fruit for a couple of years. Brown Turkey and Hardy Chicago will bear on new wood.

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