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so I planted watermelons a bit later in the season. And I live in saskatchewan. And everyone tells me they wont grow here. and if they do grow. They're gonna suck.
But they grew. The stayed kind of small but they Grew and I have about 10 Small melons. They are a bit bigger then a toonie... okay um... 2 inches across?
It's now Sept and things are starting to freeze so I'll be covering them at night. DO they grow fairly quick> do I have a chance of getting melons any bigger or am I doomed to have cute tiny ones. I'm going to try to leave em outside til late october...

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I've never managed to grow them successfully where I live in Oregon. Our growing season isn't long enough to allow them to ripen. I wish you luck, though. :(

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I don't think they'll be able to survive if its cold already.

But if you plan to plant them again after the winter, try soaking the seeds in warm (not hot) milk for 1 day, it should help them sprout quicker

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Yup, sorry, they are warm weather plants. Not going to make it. People were telling you it's hard to grow them in saskatchewan for a reason.

If you want to try again next year, start them inside under lights a month before you will be able to transplant them outside. Transplanting them out would not be before May 1, maybe later, where I am, so probably not until June where you are. So start your seeds indoors in May. Get one of the dwarf varieties, "icebox" melons, they mature quicker.

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