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Satsuma Tree problem

I'm actually posting this for my grandfather who has a backyard full of different types of citrus trees. He's concerned about a satsuma tree that he has that started to sag a couple of weeks back. Below is the picture of it. Does anyone know what the problem might be? He's checked everywhere shy of going online and can't get any good information. Thanks and happy planting!


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My first reaction was wow I wish I could grow satsuma oranges in my garden. Then I looked at the picture, and it doesn't look good does it?
It's hard to tell since it looks kind of overgrown.

Again, I'm not the right one to comment and I'm sure someone else can give a better answer. But it does seem like there are a lot of spindly branches that could be pruned and it kind of looks like what my garden looks after a severe wind damage....

I'll be interested in the more citrus-savvy members' comments. :?

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Couple of things I believe I see in the picture. First, like Applestar mentioned, the branches do look to be very thin. The tree should have a good bit of fruit on it by now if they grow in your region like they grow here in SE Louisiana. Fruit gets heavier as it matures and that could be playing a role in the limbs being pulled over. When was the last time that tree was trimmed???

Also from the picture, it looks like the ground under the canopy is pretty dry and packed hard. Maybe it's not getting enough water to support all that fruit and remain strong.

I've got a friend that once grew peaches in his yard and every year he'd have to prop up several branches of his peach trees because of the amount of fruit on them pulling the branches down.

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Thank you for your suggestions and comments. It's strange because he's got a number of satsuma trees in his yard and this is the only gimp one that is there. I'll have to suggest to him that he may want to make sure the sprinkler reaches the full area where the tree is. That may be a problem. He's in his 80s now so taking care of these things are harder for him now. That's why he has me :D

Thank you all!

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