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pear trees

I live in southeastern Virginia and I moved into a house that has two beautiful pear trees. I think they are Bartlett pears. Everything I have read tells me I need to pick them before they are ripe, but not too early. How will I know when to pick them? I have two trees that are loaded with green pears.

When do you pick pears?

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Hi Audriana.

Re your Bartlett pears....over this side of the pond they are called Williams....
A fair test of picking time for them is when the green just starts to take on a lightning towards a yellow tinge and the nose of the pear...just below the stalk...has a give in it if gently pressed.
The one problem with this variety is that they go soft very quickly and are very easily bruised at that stage.
They are a very early pear to most other vars so keep a good eye on them.

You can iodine test them for suger/starch turn...but it is a bit hit and miss on pears.

If your tree is loaded and you can afford a few to be wasted then the bite and spit test is just as good.
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I like to use the lift test.
The next step in determining picking readiness is ease of fruit removal. If you notice several pears dropping from the tree, you may be too late, but it's a sure sign they should all be picked. Every few days as you approach the harvest period above, give the pears the "lift test." Putting your index finger on the stem, lift the pear from the normal vertical orientation to a horizontal or flat position, perhaps with a slight twist. If the fruit "snaps" off cleanly between the stem and the twig, the pears are ready to strip from the tree. If you have to wrench off the fruit either breaking the twig or the fruit stem, the fruit is probably not ready. On larger trees, fruit growing in the top often ripens earlier than fruit in the shaded interior.


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