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Grape vine setup

I've had my new reliance red seedless grape vine in the ground for a couple of weeks now. It has been fertilized with fish emulsion 5-1-1 and wood ashes for extra potassium. I trimmed it down to one main vine. I figured I'd train it along the top 2 ropes and let the rest grow down and spread into the strings below. I just used stuff that I had lying around.

The 2x4 on the left is pressure-treated. The one on the right is raw pine coated with linseed oil. That's where the vine is planted. I didn't want chemicals leaching into the vine.

Am I on the right track?


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You must be a volley ball player! I would make the fixture longer like 6 foot! Usually one or two horizontal heavy cords or coated wire will work also! Nice appoach just make it longer!
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Yeah, it is pretty crude. Badminton is as close as I come to volleyball anymore. I did think it should probably be longer but I only had so much rope left :) That's expensive rope, believe it or not. I'll have to add to it as the vine grows.

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For the first year all you really needed was a single stake to train the vine to. This would have allowed you the time to research various training methods and to construct a proper system. As Bobberman notes, I don't think you have allowed enough length. Also for one vine I would have constructed it so that the vine was centered. One more thing, your new vine will outlast the wooden stakes, particularly the untreated one, and need to be replaced in several years. In short, consider what you have now temporary.

My Grandfather had hundreds of feet of vines trained in the Kniffen system. This method uses two wires spaced at about 3 and 6 feet above ground. His, as I recall, were not that high but I don't suppose that is critical.

I think I would begin constructing a more permanent system now in order to continue training next year. I don't know how much space you have, or how serious you are about Grape production, but you could easily make this thing longer which would then accommodate additional vines. The additional expense of lengthening it, say from 3 feet, to 12 feet for instance, would be minimal

Here is a primer that shows some options for training your vine.


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I would add one other thing ....may as well pile it on big is that tree just behind your vine?
It looks in the photo as if the vine could well be in shade for a good part of the day unless the sun is low on the vines side of the tree.
Maybe just the photo angle though.....

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Yeah, I should have planned better. No big deal to build a better one. Thanks for all the advice. That's some great information at the link.

I think this spot gets enough sun. My neighbor had concords very close to this spot for many years. The new owners tore them out, so this is my replacement. Planting location is always difficult with all the trees around here. I have to leave space for my kids and their friends to play soccer, football, etc. :)

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