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Raspberry Bush (Stick)

Hi, I just found your site and need your help with a bush..actually a stick...that I bought a few weeks ago. They assured me it was alive, but it has a hole in the center of the top and still shows no sign of life. How long does it take to show life or is it a goner?

Thanks much!

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Hi Magnet.
That ' stick ' is last years growth of the plant.
It will not shoot from that this year as it is finished with as far as the plant is concerned.
Cut it down to just above ground level.
The new shoots....canes....will grow from the roots and should start to appear any time now.
It depends on the type of raspberry you have as too whether these will fruit this year or next.
If they fruit this year then you have an ' Autumn Raspberry...a primocane ' if it does not carry any fruit then tie the growth to some wire supports and it will crop on those canes next year in one big flush.

Best of luck.

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