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Grape question

I am putting in a new vineyard this year, soon. I have 'Valiant' grape seedlings to put into it when it is ready. I have read that grapes produce better if not fed and not planted in too rich soil. The spot I am using is currently sod covered with some weeds and has been ignored for years, probably decades.

Should I dig in manure this first year to give the seedlings some nurishment to get established for a couple of years or leave it as is?

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If you haven't fertilized don't. General rule of thumb with fruiting plants is don't fertilize them the first year period. There are many good publications on grapes that can be found on the web sites of the west coast extension sites and I believe Michigan as well you might take a look

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You might also want to try these carefree cold tolerant varieties:

Beta, Marquette, Bluebell, Trollhaugen

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