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Blueberries 2 crops per season?

This year I bought a couple of blueberry bushes, Sunshine Blue and Bountiful Blue. When I was still deciding on which ones to get I came across a website selling Sunshine Blue Bushes and part of their description it reads:
"In warmer climates this low-chill variety can be pruned after the first flush of fruit to induce a second crop later in the year."

I always assumed Blueberries only set fruit once a year. Did anyone ever try this and does it work?

Also, the care instructions that came with the plant said to prune them before new growth starts all the may down to the main stem. I have never pruned a blueberry bush before and I am worries I might cut off too much or not enough. Any advice?

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If you haven't pruned them don't you don't prune blueberries for several years after you plant them. Then you prune out the old canes to incorrage new growth. Note, what can be done is not always good for the plant, it generally shortens the plants life span.

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