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Hellow to everydody, Four years ago I bought a plum tree with four plums on it. Next year I decided to build greenhouse on that corner and I need to remove it to few yards away. Next year no flowers and no fruit. A friend of mine seen it he think I should have keep crown few inch above groud level. It is four years gone without any fruit. Tree and leaves look healthy. Please help me.

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Hi Massivee
It would help a lot if you could get a picture of your tree on here.
Do you know the variety? There were several new vars brought out a few years ago here in the Uk that have proved to be rather shy when it comes to fruiting.
Also plums have nasty tendancy to grow strongly rather than crop.
Are the branches growing strongly skywards.?
If you can give us a few more details it would help to make a few suggestions.

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I do not know if this is the correct advice but this is what happened to me with a plum tree that was on my property when I bought the house...

The tree was an older tree and only flowered once in the 5 years before I decided it needed to be removed because it was growing into the side of my shed. The year it flowered it produced plums that were all stone covered with a thin skin (no meat to the fruit at all). I started to cut the branches away from the garage in preperation of cutting it down entirely but never completed the project but I decided it had to be a bit more evenly trimmed if I was going to leave it for another year so I cut branches from all around it and gave it a nice shape for that year - the next it flowered nicely so I left it alone and it actually produced some really nice fruit...

The following year the tree did not flower... that tree has since been removed. It had thorns and gave me a couple nice cuts one day while mowing around it and that was the final straw for that poor tree.

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We had a cherry tree like that, after 5 years or so, the neighbors asked if we could remove the 'wild cherry' tree because it was rooting into their vegetable beds. (some distance away)
Sure enough, we had been sold the wrong variety... As long as we had it, it only produced 3 terrible cherries...

Not sure if plums have a wild variety or even if that's your problem... Just reminded me of that tree...

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