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Help with a Peach Tree

Hi All,

I'm new to this forum and landscaping/gardening in general. I did a search and couldn't exactly find the answers so please bear with me if this has been discussed before.

A couple of years ago, we purchases a house and it came with 8 fruit trees, one of which is a peach tree. We dicided to prune it a few months into owning it and it hasn't developed fruit since and it looks stressed. ie; some branches look dead, the base is "cracked" with sap seeping out and it never even flowered for 2 years.

Is my tree dying? Should I call in the experts? I would like to learn more and be able to do this on my own if possible.

Thanks in Advance

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The sap comeing out of the tree could be from a canker or a peach tree borer I would talk to a worker at your local nursery as this can be leathal for the tree and my be way it hasn't set fruit.

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Hi Slakker,

I agree with Peach Guy. Sounds like a borer or canker. Here are some possibilities. I realize most of this is from California, but it is on the west coast.


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