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Growing strawberries in Arizona...

I hear it's supposed to be pretty hard to grow them here [in Arizona]. I want to try to grow them next year (or this year if not too late) and want to know what you all think about how I should go about doing it.

I've looked-up on several websites about growing them, in general. But they all said somethng different. Where I live in AZ is kinda typical weather for the state... sunny 360 days a year (other days overcast; rain if we're lucky), average temp in summer time is about 107ish˚F, ranging from 98-109˚F during the day. pretty much zero humidity. Clay-like soil.

So, you all think it can be done? I suppose the dirt is in half way good condition... My sunflowers did great here, if it means anything. Got to about 10 feet and made tons of seeds.

Also any tips or anything would be cool too :)

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All I can say Guy is that one of the main Straw growing regions of Europe is the Almeria area of Spain around the Sierra Nevada.
Down there it's pretty darn hot in the summer months yet they produce straws all through the year.
Providing they get plenty of water they seem to be very tolerant though you would have to choose your varieties with some care.
Also...once they were carrying fruit you would have to give them shade from the direct sun as they would quite easily get sun-scorch and cook in the heat.

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when I lived in a desert, we grew them at the base of fruit trees on the south side, they keep the soil for the trees moist. and the tree shades the strawberries enough to prevent overheating.

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Thanks for the replies :)

2 of 10 root bulbs started growing leaves. 1 died just after making it to the surface, and the other died shortly after :\ Looks like this is gonna be an indoor plant :P

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First, research your Sunset climate zone. There are eight of them in Arizona, according to the map in my copy of Sunset's Western Garden Book. Some of these zones may have different seasons for growing than the traditional ones we usually think of. Sunset will know.

The book is available almost everywhere: gardening supply places, nurseries, hardware stores, bookstores (imagine!), libraries, and of course online. The Sunset climate zone system will make many mysteries clear....

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