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Melon growinG!

Hey everyone, i just started to germinate some honeydew and cantaloupes. one of my cantaloupes is about 3 inches high now with 4 leaves. i am starting them in small pots and eventually going to transfer to larger ones. i have Foxfarm Oceanforest soil in some containers and Miracle grow in the others. i have about 4-5 more melon plants on their way. what containers and methods are best for melons? detailed help is appreiated

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Are you planning to grow them in containers or setting them in the garden? Cucurbits (melons, squash, cucumbers) are very prone to becoming rootbound if left in too small a pot. I tried to get a jump on our short growing season one year by starting them indoors. I had mine in 4" pots and they got terribly rootbound. After I set them out they grew poorly and my crop was non-existant, the plants barely grew and set just a few, small, fruit that never ripened properly. The roots never recovered. I would get them in the biggest pot you have space for right now. If you're going to try container growing them I'd go to the size you will grow them to maturity in now.

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thats's what ive done with my cantaloupe plants alan, i think its good advice as the bigger pot u can manage the less of a chance of root bound ness setting in (did i say that correctly?) lol

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Thanks for this info! I started cantaloupes indoors early this year too. They are just 1" tall now. I'm going to plant them in larger pots right away!

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