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Edible Indoor Fig & Any others besides the common variet

OK. I want to grow fig.
My zone 6b location is iffy for figs outside.
I don't want to go to extraordinary lengths to protect it in the fall -- I'm busy enough at the end of season as it is. I want to bring it inside during the winter but I can't handle anything that gets really big.

A good common fig variety candidate so far is:
[quote]Ficus carica ‘Petite Negra’
‘Petite Negra’ is an amazing fruiting fig that produces medium sized plump black juicy figs at a young age. This impressive fig is perfect for the indoor or patio gardener since it starts fruiting when plants are less than 12â€

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Hi Star,
I don't know how cold you get in the winter in your part of the world. Over here we have found the variety 'Brown Turkey ' will stand nearly everything we can sling at it. Especially if it is planted with the protection of a wall.
Interesting though the idea of growing dwarf types to allow them to be transported indoors in the winter....reckon that might allow for a real double cropping to happen.
We only ever get the autumn crop and lose the spring one to the winter weather.

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Being in zone 4, I've never even toyed with the idea of growing figs. However, as you're searching, keep in mind that many/most figs are pollinated by rather specialized fig wasps, which might not be present in an area outside of figs usual zones. I believe that there are self-pollinating varieties, which might be the ones to consider.

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