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Identifying grape varieties?

Hi there!

We bought a house that has a great grape vine in the backyard. I am wondering if it is possible to tell the variety of grape from photographs? I leave near Boston, so they could be Concord, but I really don't know what other types of grapes grow around these parts. I'm curious because I was thinking about trying to make some homemade wine :).

Googling has been futile for the most part so far.

Here are some photos I took last weekend, the grapes are looking very ripe!

thanks for any help!

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Maybe you can let us know more about the grapes to help in identifying it. Does it have seeds, or is it seedless? Is it thin or thick skinned? How does it taste, sweet or tart? You could hold up your hand next to the grapes so we can estimate its size. The grapes sure do look yummy.

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