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Why are my cantaloupes enormous??

I have about 4 cantaloupes in the garden that are monstrous. They are about the size of those big ripe watermelons that you see at the store. I mean HUGE. I picked one off and it was not even ripe yet. I knew I shouldn't of picked it cause the tendrils werent drying up and it had no smell, but I couldn't help it since it was so huge. I am worried though. With such big cantaloupe, will this take away from the flavor of the fruit? Is this size normal? Has anyone had such huge cantaloupe before? And was the flavor and sweetness still good? I live in zone 5.

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I'm afraid I don't answers to your questions, sorry :cry:
I just wanted to tell you that I am jealous, I could not get cantelope to grow last year.
Could you let the fruit ripen off of the vine? That would halt their growth.
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Nuttin wrong with having BIG fruit!! Chances are when they ripen they will be not only large but good... :D
PS... Do you remember what seeds you started with? They sure have bred some little ones so maybe they have bred giants as well...

MAYBE we should breed them as large as the 1000lb pumpkins!! Now that would be a treat! :D
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