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Runners are out of control!!!

I'm a new gardener and I started growing strawberries on vertical planters that take 6 plants per planter and stack up to make a strawberry tower.

I have two problems: 1. The strawberries were very small (smaller then a grape). 2. The runners are just hanging there because it's difficult for them to find a spot to attach to when you are growing vertically.

I recently added a high nitrogen fertilizer mixed with peat mos and top soil and don't know if that will help with the size. Any ideas?

Regarding the runners, can I cut them (before they have grown roots and attached to the ground) and plant them myself or are they not ready for cutting if they havn't grown roots and attached to the ground.

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Nitrogen will not help your fruit. For that you will need high phosphorus. Nitrogen will actually stunt fruit growth. Also, the first year you buy your strawberries (their 7th year of growing), the fruit will not be very big. It will get bigger the following years though.

I'm not sure about the runners, but it seems like you should be able to plant them like any other cutting, and they will develope roots when they are in the ground. If you want them to be in pots, you might consider layering as it will ensure the runners get nutrients and water while it is developing roots, and it will already be in a pot.


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