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Wild Cherry

I have several wild cherry trees on my property.I just picked enough to make a small batch of jelly, but I could have picked three times as much if I was 20 ft. tall. I have some younger trees that aren't so tall yet and I wondering if I can cut off the tops and keep them pruned so they don't get so big? If so, when is the best time of year to prune them? I'm also thinking of starting some seed from them to transplant later. Any advice will be appreciated. :)

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It is always a problem when it comes to pruning any of the stone fruits.
They are all prone to silver leaf and bacterial canker the spores of which find pruning wounds ideal spots to cause infection.
So...the best time to do any cutting is when the tree is still in full sap run.
The 'bleeding ' that occurs from the tree helps act as a blocking agent for any troublesome spores that may have landed. Also as these are the dryest months the fungus that cause the problems is at its least active.
It is always best to paint the wound straight away with a protective paint straight after you have made the cut.

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