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Almond propagation

So It's the start of winter where I am. My family just sold my first house, which is next to the house that I presently live in. I got in the car this morning and noticed with chagrin that the new owners of my old house had cut down the California almond tree which I adored. I managed to get three cuttings from the tree, and I'd like to propagate them. The twigs I cut are bare and mostly brown with some green on the ends. They're about pencil-thick, maybe a bit thinner, and there are plenty of buds where the blossoms would be if there were any. From what I've just read briefly online, it seems like you need to over-winter them, then graft them onto another tree for the best results? We have a peach tree and a few peacharine trees. Would they be suitable to graft the cuttings onto in Spring?

Basically I don't know what I'm doing but I'd like to propagate the cuttings as an ode to the old almond tree. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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