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Watermelons Not Blooming

My melon plants have been in the ground now for 2 weeks and are trailing nicely. The leaves are a dark green and the plants seem to be healthy.

What I am wondering is if the watermelon trails before it blooms unlike the cantalope that bloomed the first day I planted it. If not, what can I do to force the blooms so I get fruit this summer?

I am currently fertilizing with Miracle Grow (nitrogen mix) and know about changing fertilizer once the fruit forms.


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Sorry you never got a response. Did those watermelon ever start putting out some blossoms?

I don't have room to grow watermelons myself, but I'm guessing it just needed to get a bit bigger/more mature.

Sounds like you are already familiar with its requirements, basically lots of everything, sun, water, soil fertility.

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