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I got some strawberry things I guess they are starters or maybe seeds they are a mass of what looks like roots. I planted them months ago and nothing has happened yet. the packgae really had no information at all on it. Does anyone know waht they are called and how long before I should see something happen. I dug one up thats been in the ground for months and it looks the same as when I planted it. I'm in calif the weather has been between 50 and 80 off and on for the last month or so. Thanks

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They are dormant roots of the strawberry plant. I would think that they should have produced something by now. :?
Hopefully, someone will chime in that might be able to give you some tips.
Good luck!

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Amongst that tangle of roots Codger there should be small hard crowns. from which the roots all come.
These are the growing hearts of the plant and should be planted just on the ground surface.
If you can't find this part then I fear you may have have a dud mass.

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codger wrote:I dug one up thats been in the ground for months
Did you "bury" the whole thing when planted?
The crown of the Strawberry plant needs to sit just above the top of the soil.

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