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Cherry Harvest 2010

Our two small cherry trees are just coming into production. It appears that Starkrimson Sweet and Royalton, both from Stark Brothers, are well suited to zone 8 here in S.C.

This is about half of this year's harvest which amounted to about 4 quarts of berries. Would have been more had I watered during the drought. No pesticide, no fungicide.


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Gorgeous fruit Alex.
Some of the best cherries that we get over here in the UK are the ones imported from the States.Huge Black beauties...rather like Bing.

Over here with our dodgy climate we find it so expensive to plant cherry orchards as they need to have netting and covors against wet weather.
Many are still being put in though with costs of around ...£10.000 per acre.

Guess I may be teaching my grandmother how to suck eggs.....but don't water cherries once they have started to ripen. It can cause severe splitting.

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