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Question on Peach tree

My wife and I purchased a peach tree a few years ago. We have a veggie garden, however, we have no experience with peach trees. This year we have seen some flowers.

Will the peach tree produce fruit this year?

The flowers came out a few weeks ago and now they are beyond the blossom stage. Is this normal? We are in the north east and have had unusually cold weather the last week or so. Snow last weekend.

The tree was listed for our zone so it is designed for colder weather.

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Your peach may well be listed as cold tolerant, but I'm afraid that its blossoms are most certainly not.
They will be damaged by frost the same as any other fruit trees would be.

If your peach flowered a few weeks ago then you should be seeing small peaches forming where the flowers were.
I hope that you have been lucky ...but if not then next year be prepared to give the tree some protection on frosty nights dureing and after blossom.


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