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fruiting vine in a container

Hey All,

I'm trying to cover some lattice I installed on my deck for privacy. My gf wants to go with the tried and true morning glory approach, but I'm trying to convince her to cover it with something that bares fruit. We have some beans and Cukes going on one end so I was hoping for Kiwi or Grapes for the other side.

Here are my constraints:

-zone 6
-6+ hours of direct sunlight
-can move containers in doors during winter months
-about 90 sq ft of space with more on the ceiling if needed....

I can provide any other info that may be needed as well, I'm just looking for a few suggestions.

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The size of the container will also make a difference as to what will be able to grow in it. A grape vine will have a more extensive root system than an annual vine.

I have planted and nurtured many a grapevine over the years, but I have never harvested any grapes. I always had to move away before they began to bear. While I have not grown grapevines in containers, myself, I have read that they make lovely, decorative plants but produce little or no fruit.

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I'd be concerned about bringing the containers in for winter, the extra warmth (dryness, too) during down-time can be pretty rough for temperate plants. not to mention, how will you take it in if it's trained to the lattice?

kiwi plants get huge, I'd guess a bit too big for any reasonably-sized container.

schizandra? maypop or some other passionflower/fruit? there's got to be plenty more fruiting vines that are escaping me at present.

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