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Sad Cherry Tree

Our new home came complete with 2 adorable fruit trees in the backyard, a golden delicious apple and a cherry tree. When we first moved in the cherry tree had gorgeous leaves and bright red fruit, we even took a couple off and ate them and they were delicious! I haven't done much of anything to maintain them and the next year I noticed the apple tree bloomed but the cherry tree stayed bare. No leaves and, obviously, no fruit. This spring seems to be the same. Did we kill it somehow? Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to revive it?

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I have my doubts Reesa.
After a year with no sign of life I would suspect that it has given up the ghost.
Cherries and plums are very suseptable to bacterial cancer which can kill the tree in a very short space of time. Sadely there is not much you can do to help either.
If you plan to replace your tree I would suggest that is possable you avoid planting in the same root area that the old one had.


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