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My poor pineapple

I cut the top off of a pineapple a few years ago, I kept it in a large pot for about 2 years. I replanted it in the ground it grew really well. But we had a really hard freeze. I covered it but it still froze, it looks pretty bad right now should I trim the dead limbs or just let them fall off. I hope it makes it.

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Sorry, you never got a response to this. And sorry about your pineapple plant. It's sad to lose something you've been caring for for a couple years. It may be too late now, but I would trim any dead stuff off.

I hope it makes it too! I know Texas and Florida got hit with some really severe weather, bad freezes in areas that aren't "supposed' to get them. For awhile it was colder in Florida than here in Ohio. I'm sure a lot of plants got killed in all that. Too bad! :(

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I grow alot of pineapple too I covered mine with shredded paper then cardboard then blankets they did get burned but there going to make it. Mine were in the ground other wise I would have put them in the green house. Try to pull the center out not real hard if its a goner it will pull easy then you know...Dana
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