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Why would an Avocado Pit turn water Orange?? Pics..

I've been trying the toothpick/water method to germinate avocado seeds, and yesterday I used this method for a large avocado pit from one of those big smooth skinned avocados from puerto rico. Well the next day I checked the pit and it looked like this:
Does anyone know what happened? I'm going to replace the water and see what happens but I'm pretty baffled as to why the color changed and in such a short amount of time..

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You left the brown skin on the seeds. It contains tannin and stains the water. In my experience, it's best to peel the skin off because the seed will split when it's sprouting, and it'll have to fight the dried up skin (the skin WILL break/crack apart, but WHY make it harder for the seeds?) Sometimes, mold/rot will set in underneath the skin too.

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