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Hi all, I am new to gardening and last year bought about 6 different types of strawberry, I got a few fruits but don't think my soil is to good. Seemed to get many runners, was wondering how do I treat the soil and general care any help please :?:

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growing strawberries

Strawberries want full sun, slightly acid soil, that is rich and organic but very well draining. They do take a year to get established. The first year you plant them, you should pick off blooms and not let them set fruit, so that they focus on establishing good root systems. They need plenty of water, especially while fruit is developing. They are shallow rooted so need added soil fertility.

Here's a little article about growing strawberries:


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I grow mine in a rasied bed made from some planks I got from a scafolder, he said take as many as u want from that pile so I did ^^ took the hole lot! then I can fill it fyll of the soil most propet for the strawberys, best is slighly acidic like rainbowgardener sai and I find with the rasied beds they drain alot betta and if u hammer a copper pipe flat then sit on side and send them out then fit it onto the top of the raised bed and bend it all around it will stop slugs getting in and eating your strawberrys and saves on the slug pellets.

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I have 6 or 7 strawberry plant in my garden, and again, I've been told not to let them fruit in the first year, and only let them produce two or three runners. That way they're well spread and established for next year, and you should get a really good crop, then a smaller crop the year after. Then you rotate them to a different spot; I've been told the best way to do that is to take runners produced in the first year, and grow them in little pots, then re-plant them in the area they are to be grown when it's warm enough to plant them out.

Take care!


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