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meyer lemon trees

Should I bring in my tree for winter. I don't have any fruit on it and haven't had since I got it. But lots of healty leaves???


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I don't know where zip code 959xx is, even though it's in California. Depending on your winter situation, a Meyer lemon can live outdoors, will want to be in a protected outdoor environment, or will need complete protection/not be worth the frustration.

Let's see...all three of these conditions can be found along an 80-mile stretch of Interstate 80:

Sacramento, Sunset Climate Zone 14: tree is fine in the ground, in planters, wherever; outdoors all year

Colfax, Sunset Climate Zone 7: protected (leeward) location outdoors, esp. if in containers; south exposure preferred with wind protection; beware of frost--cover plant if frost expected

Truckee, Sunset Climate Zone 1A: "Coldest Mountain & Intermountain Areas of the Contiguous States and Southwestern British Columbia"--need I say more?

I have also moved this post to the Growing Fruit forum, where more citrus enthusiasts will see it.

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