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does anyone know anything about passion fruit?

I ordered a pack of seeds called "passion fruits of the world". Its a mix of different colored flowers I think? Anyway, I live in southern california and was wondering if anyone knew when the best time to plant these are? Id love to plant them now if possible. :D

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Hi Tiny

There are around 500 species of Passiflora.
All are evergreen climbers , quite vigorous and though they will get knocked down each winter in frosty weather they grow away from the base in the spring unless the winter is very servere.
Sow seeds in pots or pans of seed compost and germinate at temperatures of 64-70F.I do not know what your particular climate is like but if you have kind winters then I guess you could sow now if you have winter protection under glass etc and be ready for next spring to plant out.
Prick out when big enough to handle into 3inch pots with a climbing support.
Plant out once well established and enjoy the hugs range of flowers that the species gives.


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Passion Flower

When we lived in NC Passion Flower grew in a neglected pasture: full sun, well-drained, pH maybe 5.5 or less. In ten years our growing season was only long enough once to ripen the fruits - and they are even better than the flowers.

They were also native or naturalized in the mountains in Hawaii. And again - open fields, humid, alternating wet and dry, well drained, benign neglect, long season.

I don't know if they freeze back to the root or are annuals.

I hope they work for you!

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I've seen them and they're lovely, but I've heard that you get a 50/5- chance of getting a vine that will produce fruit, and even if they fruit one year, they won't always fruit next year. Must be tempermental

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