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orange spots appeared on pear tree and spreading in garden

I don't know how these orangy/yellow spots have appeared on the pear tree, I have looked up on internet and it says that its an bacterial infection or something and now there also seems to be whity/cream spots on other plants,and I'm not sure if it is because I have stared using plant food for the first time after a long tym, one of the food was for veg/plants and the other called blood fish and bone they both are products of vitax. I am not sure wat I am doing wrong, I sually water the garden every 2/3 days and also I ahave been thoring slug pellets into garden, because of soo many slugs we get and I cant see any slugs around or caterpillers and there is something feeding on the leaves not sure wat it is? can anyone advise me wat to do to keep my garden healthy, will be eager to read your replies
thank you

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Hi Raheema.
It sounds like you may have a desease called Pear rust.
( Gymnospurangium Sabinae).

It's a rust that needs two host plants. Pears and Juniper trees.


Check here to see if it is your problem.


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